My Story

Hello, and welcome to my “All About Chontaduro” blog. My name Is Yoav Oren and I made this blog to tell the world the secret of this amazing nut and the culture behind. In this site you will get all data collected about Chontaduro and some more fun and interesting facts about the city of Cali and the Colombian Pacific that adopted this Nut to their menu and hurt. 

My Story

This Blog Is made with love to South Colombian and Pacific Culture. 

I came to Cali the First time in 1997 and was introduced with this food in the famous Sexta avenue that still had its glorious days back than. Colorful mature Dark skin woman sat there with a bucket full of orange fruit like nuts with exotic colors from yellow to dark orange. I had to try it but did not know what to expect – Is it soft? is it salty? is it sweet?

The street vendor quickly peeled one for me for just 500 pesos (less than a quarter of a dollar back than) and put some salt and honey on it. She said it is the “Viagra of nature”. I fell in love with it from the first bite – so mysterious…taste like nothing I had before- a little sweet starchy taste reminding a little of a sweet potato but with a nutty twist .

With time, I got to appreciate more and more this mysterious nut and its exotic qualities. Its tastes combined with this beautiful nature and Cali’s eternal salsa rhythms . It saved My life after terrible “”Guayabo””- Hangover after crazy salsa nights. It always there to feel me up before I go to the gym.

The Next Super Food

This underestimated nut has much more to see. Just open its small seed and reveal a mini coconut- Yes with the white flash and everything but small as an apricot peach!. Then look in its nutritional values you reveal that we are actually talking about the next super food that fed Pacific natives for centuries and should now be enjoyed by everyone that is looking for a next generation vegan, raw high protein food. 

My Vision

I Would like you to reveal this wonder and connect you to this amazing Colombian culture from native Pacific tribes to the new Salsero Caleños. Chontaduro should be the gift of Colombia to the world in return to the promotion of awareness to this bio-diversity dense region of the world- its preservation and the preservation of the Native Culture, Afro- Pacific Culture and modern “Caleña” Cuture.

Yoav Oren

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